Mr Whippy

OK this is a great story...I'm having the bathroom redone and the plumber turns up to do his thing, like they do. He comes to the door, handful of tools and disappears up stairs to get on with the job.  Well I'm wearing my Whiteways T-Shirt and take him up a cup of tea. 

'Ah Whiteways eh' he casually says...'yeah do you know it?' I say back....and an hour and a half later we are still discussing every twist and turn while he shows me 7 pages of strava data from his recent rides.  This plumber puts in more miles a week than I do in a month...'yeah this was the morning ride' (19 miles) 'and this one we cracked out in the evening' (22 miles)

Turns out he even named a Whiteways trail...yep you guessed it... Mr Whippy, so called, as he took great delight in telling me, because as he and the lads bombed their way down a narrow and slightly overgrown stretch of single track they all got whipped by the overhanging branches of the trees.

So we very happily made him a T-Shirt because this is just what gosshawk is all about.