We support Huxley's Bird of Prey Centre.


As a family we discovered Huxley’s in 2001. Our love of birds of prey and our middle son Matthew’s passion for anything wild led us there. 

Huxley’s is a rescue and rehabilitation centre for wild and injured birds of prey. The aim is to return birds to the wild and if that is not possible Huxley’s keep them happily in captivity. In 1993, Julian turned the abandoned ground of Hillier’s garden centre into a home for his birds which initially were his private collection. Julian is a falconer and they are his passion. He turned his passion into his work. He was a head gardener of a huge estate in Scotland and the Huxley’s garden has won awards in its own right – it is a stunning environment for 90 beautiful birds. 

Huxley is a gorgeous old eagle owl and the centre is named after him. He’s really the boss, not Julian :-) 

Matthew’s photo was on their swing sign, which I made to let everyone know that they were hidden behind the garden centre. We spent many birthdays at talks and flying the birds, Matthew did a Hawk Walk and he was lucky enough to do his work experience with Julian when he was 15, working closely with Igor, another Europe eagle owl.

This pandemic has closed many places that rely on visitors for their income. Huxley’s needs £600 a month just for their food bill for the 90 birds. Gosshawk wants to help Huxley’s at this time of crisis. Huxley’s hopes to re-open in August. We would like to raise £1800 to pay for the food for 3 of the months of closure. We are a new, small family business and we make beautiful t-shirts for people that love their mountain bike and hiking trails all around the world. One of the joys of cycling our local South Downs Way are the birds of prey, like the buzzards and kestrels that we see.

The Huxley Tees

So, we have made two tees to choose from. HUXLEY'S TEE with just our gosshawk logo and the silhouette of Huxley, the majestic European eagle owl on the sleeve & THE HUXLEY TEE for those who like big text in the gosshawk style.

Printed on our top quality, super soft tees (see reviews on our homepage) All the profit from every HUXLEY tee bought from the gosshawk site will be added to our Just Giving page for Huxley’s. These t-shirts will be available for June, July and August. 


As a longer commitment to this fabulous Bird of Prey Centre, £1 from every one of our normal gosshawk trail tees will be donated to Huxley’s. For people that would like to help our campaign at this time but don’t want to buy a t-shirt, please donate anything you can on our Just Giving page. 
See more about Huxley's here HUXLEY'S